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The Fun & Effective Workout!
Twist and Shape your way to toned in 20 mins a Day
The secret of Twist and Shape is the patented dual power rotary design that lets you twist your body up to 240 ° for a fun & effective full-body workout!
  • Slim & trim your love handles
  • Tone & tighten those buns, thighs quads
  • Trim your waist as you twist
  • Squat to tighten your buns & thighs
  • Strengthen glutes & legs
  • Includes a Workout DVD & Nutrition Guide
People Are Loving The Twist & Shape
The Deluxe Foldable Version
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Includes These:
  • Twist & Shape - Deluxe Foldable Version
  • Workout DVD
  • 14 Day Nutrition Guide
The Fitness Breakthrough That Gives You Incredible Results!
Revolutionary Patented Design
Increases Range of Motion & Circulation up to 240 Degrees
Makes twisting safe for any age & fitness level
Complete Digital Display
Tracks your workout time & reps
Foot Plates
Keep you comfortable & secure while you work out
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Twist & Shape your way to toned today!
Get into shape the fun way with the Twist & Shape
  • Lose that muffin top
  • Activate your core
  • Sculpt your shoulders & arms